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[icon] Oxygen Should Be Regarded As A Drug
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Subject:You are my anti-drug
Time:12:46 pm
Master2Alucard (1:08:36 AM): hey
ZebraConspiracy (1:08:39 AM): hey
Master2Alucard (1:09:37 AM): i took some pix and i want you to see some
ZebraConspiracy (1:09:56 AM): Alright
Master2Alucard (1:10:37 AM): but they're up loading right now so it will take a min
ZebraConspiracy (1:10:43 AM): Gotcha
Master2Alucard (1:11:40 AM): one sec mmk
ZebraConspiracy (1:11:52 AM): alrigh
ZebraConspiracy (1:11:55 AM): alright*
Master2Alucard (1:16:59 AM): wait, wats your e-mail cuz my computer isnt letting me send them thru IM
ZebraConspiracy (1:17:11 AM): faceless_wonderboy@hotmail.com
Master2Alucard (1:28:19 AM): its going to take a min or two. brace yourself
ZebraConspiracy (1:28:52 AM): I'm bracing!
Master2Alucard (1:40:42 AM): the e-mail is too slow so im going to try the IM again
Master2Alucard (1:40:44 AM): k
ZebraConspiracy (1:40:51 AM): k
Master2Alucard (1:41:32 AM): here we go
ZebraConspiracy (1:42:36 AM): I don't see pictures
Master2Alucard wants to directly connect (1:43:33 AM).
Master2Alucard is now directly connected (1:43:37 AM).
Master2Alucard (1:46:55 AM):
ZebraConspiracy (1:48:00 AM): Looks like you both had a lot of fun. What instrument was Lisa holding?
Master2Alucard (1:48:51 AM): i dont know, just making fun of you guys, thats how you look to everyone else. HAHAHA NO HARD FEELINGS
ZebraConspiracy (1:49:44 AM): Yeah, none taken
Master2Alucard (1:50:07 AM): too bad, that would've been funnny
Master2Alucard (1:50:22 AM): you have to show those to marty
Master2Alucard (1:50:29 AM): ahahha
ZebraConspiracy (1:51:36 AM): It would have been funny if I had hard feelings?
Master2Alucard (1:52:25 AM): yes! we did that on purpose to show you guys how it looks to other people
Master2Alucard (1:52:52 AM): like lay off the drugs cuz you guys arent fun anymore. except to each other
Master2Alucard (1:53:34 AM): we're not gunna hang out anymore if your like that
ZebraConspiracy (1:55:24 AM): First off, I don't believe I should care what other people think of me. Second, you're just blowing things way out of proportion. Third, I think it's pretty closed minded and prejudice to seclude "friends" because of a personal belief
Master2Alucard (1:57:24 AM): you did it to lisa, you both stoped talking to each other jsut you believe opinion that drugs are okay instead of respecting her
Master2Alucard (1:57:44 AM): * your opinion
ZebraConspiracy (1:59:11 AM): I'm sorry... Can't she respect my opinion? I'm not pressuring her to do anything. I'm not rubbing the stuff in her face. Just apply this whole concept with homosexuality. Instead of drugs, lets say I'm gay. Would it be right that you two don't respect my choices that you'd stop talking to me for what I do?
Master2Alucard (2:01:26 AM): drugs and being gay are two totally different things, and she doesnt seclude me cuz im muslim. that was a bad anology. and you did rub it in her face she told me about how you sent her huge essays on drug and she just tryed to change the subject
ZebraConspiracy (2:01:46 AM): I sent her one essay
Master2Alucard (2:03:15 AM): and being gay or muslim does change you into a boring brain dead anit social person. one is way more than enough, you dont need to send her anything cuz you cant change her mind. your jsut makign excuses for your self
ZebraConspiracy (2:04:35 AM): I don't recall Alduous Huxley, Ken Kesley, Timothy Leary, John Lennon, Van Gough, Edgar Allen Poe, or Picaso being boring or brain dead
Master2Alucard (2:05:14 AM): thats cuz you didnt know them for ONE. and your not a genius
Master2Alucard (2:05:40 AM): your not that great, get over your self
ZebraConspiracy (2:05:55 AM): Why am I not great?
Master2Alucard (2:08:13 AM): maybe you didn't read it the first time- your're a BORING, BRAIN-DEAD, ANTI-SOCIAL, DRUGGY.- go ahead and pick the 8 out of a billion drug addicts in this world.
Master2Alucard (2:08:19 AM): excuses
Master2Alucard (2:09:27 AM): dude, and you do drug to try and be great?
Master2Alucard (2:09:40 AM): how does that make any sense?
ZebraConspiracy (2:09:52 AM): It worked well for the Beach Boys
Master2Alucard (2:10:36 AM): and lisa actually felt sorry for you... .YOU'RE NOT A FUCKING BEACH BOY
Master2Alucard (2:11:37 AM): ONCE AGAIN A FEW OUT OF A BILLION
Master2Alucard (2:11:49 AM): excuses!
ZebraConspiracy (2:11:53 AM): Why can't I be? I'm trying my hardest to write songs, and write stories. I don't think either one of you have read any of it. Anyway, I'm sorry if you feel like I have absolutely no potential and have nothing to contribute. Maybe that gives me more reason to do drugs
Master2Alucard (2:13:24 AM): you make yourself that way when you start taking drugs. how dare you try to say that we in any way cause you to do drugs. it your own decision.
Master2Alucard (2:14:05 AM): excuses!
ZebraConspiracy (2:14:06 AM): I'm sorry. I have absolutely nothing contribute to society. Afterall, I am brain-dead and boring.
Master2Alucard (2:15:15 AM): becuz you do drugs, if you stop the drugs you'll be better, and funner to hang out w/. and have more to contribute. but you dont want to stop drugs, so you make up excuses to do them
ZebraConspiracy (2:17:27 AM): Maybe if you would stop being so prejudice against drug users, we would get along. Blacks and whites are trying to integrate. Why can't drug users and straight edgers?
Master2Alucard (2:18:37 AM): being prejudiced against someone's looks is way different than being prejudiced against the way that someone acts as a result of destructive behavior
Master2Alucard (2:18:41 AM): excuses!!!!
Master2Alucard (2:18:49 AM): you're killing yourself
Master2Alucard (2:18:57 AM): you don't want help
Master2Alucard (2:19:04 AM): we care about you
Master2Alucard (2:19:14 AM): we're not just fighting for the sake of it
Master2Alucard (2:19:20 AM): you don't care that we care
ZebraConspiracy (2:19:48 AM): You're killing yourself if you eat artery clogging, grease foods, and candy does a bad thing to your teeth. I say you should live a completely healthy life, and eat ONLY health foods. Otherwise, you won't live to be 150
Master2Alucard (2:22:00 AM): excuses, that is the lamest excuse i have ever heard in my entire life. if you know your killing yourself (MUCH FASTER THAN FAST FOOD BY THE WAY) why do you do it? a heart attack is a lot worst than the kinds of diseases you're setting yourself up for
Master2Alucard (2:22:19 AM): is not*
ZebraConspiracy (2:22:21 AM): Tell me of a disease caused by drugs
Master2Alucard (2:23:47 AM): lung cancer, throat cancer, emphyzema, retardation due to loss of brain tissue, ect...DEATH
Master2Alucard (2:24:16 AM): and no mentioning of cigarette cuz we treat those as drugs too
ZebraConspiracy (2:25:02 AM): Yeah, you get cancer and all that junk... But retardnation and loss of brain tissue? Are you making stuff up?
Master2Alucard (2:27:18 AM): haven't you seen brain scans of normal people compared to drug-users? Like half of the brain becomes obselete and eventually dies as a result. have you already suffered some brain damage if you think im making it up
ZebraConspiracy (2:27:24 AM): That's untrue
Master2Alucard (2:27:39 AM): fuck you- i took biology
ZebraConspiracy (2:27:51 AM): Look it up, even in anti-drug websites
ZebraConspiracy (2:27:53 AM): That's a lie
ZebraConspiracy (2:28:09 AM): I took biology too, but a "fuck you" won't change that fact
Master2Alucard (2:30:24 AM): i shall bet you everything, dont try to act like your smarter than me. you have obviously suffered some brain damage if you dont remember that from bio, or maybe it was becuz you were in the stupid bio class. (ouch low blow) awe. do i have you at a loss for words so you try to make up your own research hahahhaa
ZebraConspiracy (2:30:51 AM): I was in a CP bio class
Master2Alucard (2:31:10 AM): so am i bastard, who the fuck do you think your talking too
ZebraConspiracy (2:31:33 AM): Someone younger than me who's been bombarded with government propaganda
Master2Alucard (2:32:37 AM): ive heard it in the last two weeks, im a fucking muslim afghan dumb ass, how dare you! now who's being prejudiced
ZebraConspiracy (2:32:48 AM): What are you talking about?
ZebraConspiracy (2:33:05 AM): All I said was that you're younger and you bought into government propaganda
ZebraConspiracy (2:33:14 AM): I never said anything about your ethnicity
ZebraConspiracy (2:33:20 AM): If I did, quote me
Master2Alucard (2:33:27 AM): i dont believe in american governmaent asshole
ZebraConspiracy (2:34:16 AM): Sorry... Didn't realize that was such a touchy subject
Master2Alucard (2:34:27 AM): im from the country that makes opium! drugs are bad, and moron can see that
Master2Alucard (2:34:46 AM): well dont be an idiot fucker
ZebraConspiracy (2:36:11 AM): You're right, that drugs aren't healthy, but sometimes it's better to sacrafice some bit of health for the sake of living. If you want to live a life of complete convenience, then be my guest. But I don't see the point in that. And name calling and curse words is definately not going to help me change my mind. How am I supposed to take someone seriously if they're going to sling labels and curse words?
Master2Alucard (2:38:43 AM): im not telling you wat to do, but i want you to admit your acting stupidly. you can do other things to make your life fulfilling. not taking the cowards way out for one. and i can say wat ever the fuck i want. you dont tell me wat to do.
Master2Alucard (2:39:03 AM): and i have a happy life. and guess wat!
Master2Alucard (2:39:20 AM): I DONT DO DRUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!
Master2Alucard (2:39:28 AM): MARIAM = SMART
ZebraConspiracy (2:39:30 AM): Congradulations
ZebraConspiracy (2:39:35 AM): You should be proud of yourself
ZebraConspiracy (2:39:43 AM): Don't forget to not drink any caffein
Master2Alucard (2:39:45 AM): oh, i am
ZebraConspiracy (2:39:50 AM): caffeine*
ZebraConspiracy (2:39:53 AM): That stuffs bad for you
Master2Alucard (2:40:35 AM): dont be fucking stupid, thats so lame. it's completely harmless in low doses like in soda
ZebraConspiracy (2:40:48 AM): A drug is a drug
ZebraConspiracy (2:40:54 AM): It gets you addicted
Master2Alucard (2:41:03 AM): if you smoke it or inject it into your body
ZebraConspiracy (2:41:04 AM): People go through withdraws from caffeine
ZebraConspiracy (2:41:16 AM): Only if you smoke or inject?
ZebraConspiracy (2:41:28 AM): I guess ecstacy and mushrooms and acid are completely safe
Master2Alucard (2:42:06 AM): okay time to stop being a tard, and you know they arent. IF THEY ARE IS IT LEGAL ANTHONY IS IT FUCKING LEGAL.
ZebraConspiracy (2:42:30 AM): Jews were illegal in Nazi Germany
ZebraConspiracy (2:42:37 AM): Maybe we should be anti-semetic again
ZebraConspiracy (2:42:50 AM): Blacks were slaves back then too
ZebraConspiracy (2:42:55 AM): Maybe we should go back to that too
Master2Alucard (2:43:13 AM): LLIKE I SAID- looks and bahavior are different
ZebraConspiracy (2:43:35 AM): Maybe we should be free to do what we want. Gays in the army are forbidden. Lets keep that
Master2Alucard (2:44:04 AM): give me a solid agrument instead of pointing out little scapegoats
Master2Alucard (2:44:09 AM): you know you're rwong
Master2Alucard (2:44:11 AM): admit it
ZebraConspiracy (2:44:27 AM): How do you know drug users aren't being scapegoated?
Master2Alucard (2:44:44 AM): becuz im not an idoit
ZebraConspiracy (2:44:58 AM): Simon from Simon & Garfunkle was arrested for marijuana posession. Maybe we should keep him in jail with the murderers and rapists
Master2Alucard (2:45:12 AM): damn straight
Master2Alucard (2:45:23 AM): good i hate that hippy shit
ZebraConspiracy (2:45:23 AM): I hope that's sarcasm
Master2Alucard (2:45:29 AM): nope
Master2Alucard (2:45:39 AM): i hate them so mcuh fucking hippies
Master2Alucard (2:46:09 AM): sit around and do acid
ZebraConspiracy (2:46:09 AM): What have they done that's so horrible? They protested against the Vietnam war, and started up a whole revolution in music and culture
Master2Alucard (2:46:10 AM): lame
ZebraConspiracy (2:46:19 AM): Timothy Leary made a living off of that
ZebraConspiracy (2:46:26 AM): So did Hunter S. Thompson
Master2Alucard (2:46:40 AM): you dont need to be high to protest
ZebraConspiracy (2:46:58 AM): Anyway, can't you just accept me for who I am?
Master2Alucard (2:47:22 AM): i accept you when your sober not stoned
ZebraConspiracy (2:47:52 AM): I honestly believe we should support diversity. I never was high around you or anyone in that group
Master2Alucard (2:48:48 AM): thats why you were fun and now your not. so we should accept the rapists and murders too
Master2Alucard (2:48:55 AM): divesity right
Master2Alucard (2:48:56 AM): ?
ZebraConspiracy (2:49:04 AM): Yes
ZebraConspiracy (2:49:09 AM): I take that into account to
ZebraConspiracy (2:49:10 AM): too*
ZebraConspiracy (2:49:31 AM): I'd rather there be anarchy than everyone being clones
Master2Alucard (2:50:07 AM): =stop beign such this emo whiny bastard trying to be cool cuz your not.
ZebraConspiracy (2:50:18 AM): emo whiny bastard?
ZebraConspiracy (2:50:22 AM): What are you talking about?
ZebraConspiracy (2:50:28 AM): And I'm not trying to be cool
Master2Alucard (2:50:39 AM): were nto clones cuz we dont do drugs, your a clone cuz you do.
ZebraConspiracy (2:50:46 AM): This is what I believe, and if it's too much for you to handle, then I'm sorry
ZebraConspiracy (2:50:58 AM): You're trying to get me to conform to your ways
ZebraConspiracy (2:51:03 AM): Sounds like you want clones to me
ZebraConspiracy (2:51:42 AM): Instead of being an actual friend and accept me for who I am, you want me to act and think like you
Master2Alucard (2:52:35 AM): you know exactly wat im talking about, this is wat i believe and if you cant respect wat i think than fucking die for all i care. you use the excuse that people or sadness drives you to do drugs, yet you dont care when people care enogh to canfront you at 2 in the morning
ZebraConspiracy (2:53:02 AM): Don't play the victim
ZebraConspiracy (2:53:15 AM): That analogy can be applied to Nazism, you know
ZebraConspiracy (2:54:00 AM): "You don't respect my thoughts on gypsies, queers, jews, blacks, or anyone different. These are bad, evil people. Why can't you understand that?"
Master2Alucard (2:54:07 AM): now i know wat lisa was talking about, its like arguing w/ a homeless person on the street. i know im not the victim. close your fucking history book and talk to me 101. this has nothing to do w/ nazis, it can be applied to a lot of things
Master2Alucard (2:54:38 AM): stop hiding behind useless facts
Master2Alucard (2:54:53 AM): we arent those people and you damn well know it
ZebraConspiracy (2:55:01 AM): How do you know that you're not hiding behind useless facts? Maybe you're a hypocrite in disguise
Master2Alucard (2:55:18 AM): how do you know your not ? huh? how?
ZebraConspiracy (2:55:30 AM): Faith
Master2Alucard (2:55:35 AM): you dont htats right, no one does,
ZebraConspiracy (2:55:53 AM): If no one knows, then why do you act like you know?
Master2Alucard (2:56:42 AM): i dont want to die bfore i have to thats y. i want to live. rather than some cheap temporary thrill
ZebraConspiracy (2:57:09 AM): Well I don't want to live to be old and wrinkled
Master2Alucard (2:57:19 AM): good than die,
ZebraConspiracy (2:57:26 AM): Good! cause I will!
Master2Alucard (2:57:28 AM): lame ass, your so dumb
Master2Alucard (2:57:36 AM): hahhhahaha
ZebraConspiracy (2:57:44 AM): You're the one with bad grammar and spelling
ZebraConspiracy (2:58:17 AM): You can respect someone's decision without submitting, you know?
Master2Alucard (2:58:22 AM): your excuse is i want to die young, and be a beach boy? thats cuz it lisa's typing hahhahaha
Master2Alucard (2:58:43 AM): i dont care its the internet
Master2Alucard (2:58:49 AM): wat do you care?
Master2Alucard (2:59:04 AM): its not an essay
ZebraConspiracy (2:59:07 AM): I actually don't.. I'm not allowed to make an observation
ZebraConspiracy (2:59:10 AM): ?
Master2Alucard (2:59:21 AM): not a dumb one
Master2Alucard (2:59:24 AM): lhhahahhaha
Master2Alucard (2:59:28 AM): get a life
ZebraConspiracy (2:59:35 AM): Alright
Master2Alucard (2:59:52 AM): i mean it or i shall be force to call you parents
Master2Alucard (2:59:55 AM): ahhahahaha
ZebraConspiracy (3:00:08 AM): That's really lame
Master2Alucard (3:00:37 AM): good, your really lame! hahhahahha, "nazi this, and black that:"

Master2Alucard (3:00:59 AM): your not a nazi or black living in the '40;s
Master2Alucard (3:01:17 AM): get over your self your not the next simon
ZebraConspiracy (3:01:25 AM): Why can't I be?
Master2Alucard (3:01:49 AM): becuz your going to die young remember ? hahhaha,
ZebraConspiracy (3:02:01 AM): No, seriously
Master2Alucard (3:03:17 AM): cuz you suck, dude, i heard you play today. i mean i feel sorry for you and i wish we could still be friends, but you dont, you dont want people to love or care about. if you did, you would have stopped the conversation 6 months ago
Master2Alucard (3:03:26 AM): lame wad
ZebraConspiracy (3:04:15 AM): Maybe you should just accept me for who I am and respect the choices I make in life
ZebraConspiracy (3:04:32 AM): I never confront you two about not doing drugs
Master2Alucard (3:06:02 AM): bcuz we dont want to be freind w/ some who never talks and is brain dead, did i have a problem w/ it in the beigning yes, but there is nothing i can do and we still hungout so it seens more like you think people who dont do drgus are lame
ZebraConspiracy (3:06:37 AM): Drugs aren't for everyone
ZebraConspiracy (3:06:47 AM): But you should at least respect people's choices
ZebraConspiracy (3:07:14 AM): Some people eat peanut butter and pickle sandwhiches. I don't agree with that, but I'm not telling them to stop
Master2Alucard (3:07:55 AM): seee you tomorrow babe damn straight lame ass excuses, old analogys, not going to work. drugs are different from picklles and you know it dumby. bi bi
Master2Alucard direct connection is closed (3:07:59 AM).
Master2Alucard signed off at 3:08:05 AM.
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Current Music:Smashing Pumpkins - Behold! The Night Mare
Subject:You're not allowed to bad mouth the government.
Time:09:54 pm
Current Mood:creativecreative
Is it just me, or is it whenever someone tells me to "quit bitching about my country," and that "if [I] don't like it, I should probobly go to Afghanistan and see how I like it," that they're trying to shut me up from voicing what I believe is right? I'm sorry, but if I feel that something is wrong and it must be fixed, I'm saying something about it. People living in Nazi Germany never said a word about the atrocities the Nazis did, until it was too late. Is this a lesson we're supposed to take into concideration? And if you're going to suggest a country for me to go to, why don't you pick a nicer country, like Britain, maybe? What kind of an idiot do you take me for when you'd expect me to go to a place worse off than my country? Yes, I believe that America is probobly the best country in the world. But we are doing things I certainly disagree with. "So quit your bitching and do something." Well, the first step to fixing a problem is to state it. Am I right? I can't expect things to be done if people don't know how, or why to fix the problem.
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Current Music:Brian Eno - Deep Blue Day
Subject:The most diabolic survey ever invented!
Time:11:59 pm
Current Mood:deviousdevious
Take my fucking survey!
I hope you enjoy it as much as I did writing it.

Survey time!<<<<<Linky P.S. I'd have been at Lollapalooza if it wasn't cancelled...
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Current Music:Pixies - Nimrod's Son
Subject:I just may have a restraining order on me!
Time:12:33 am
Current Mood:bouncybouncy
Now, I'd normally not post ANY conversations but this will prove to be entertaining.
This is what you may call the epidome of teenage drama.
I'd advice for everyone to please not instant message these people. If you all do that, then my journal is exposed and blah blah blah.

Anywho, just enjoy the looooooooooong read.

to ninja for you (10:21:23 PM): Hey
ZebraConspiracy (10:21:33 PM): um.. Hey
to ninja for you (10:21:44 PM): Do you know who this
to ninja for you (10:21:46 PM): is
ZebraConspiracy (10:21:57 PM): No idea
ZebraConspiracy (10:22:20 PM): Clue me in
to ninja for you (10:22:22 PM): This is Ashleigh, I think I know you from Sinaloa a looooong time ago.
to ninja for you (10:22:47 PM): Do you know who I am?
ZebraConspiracy (10:22:58 PM): Sorry... :-\
to ninja for you (10:23:05 PM): Want to see my picture?
ZebraConspiracy (10:23:10 PM): Sure I guess
to ninja for you (10:23:26 PM): www.livejournal.com/users/electric_sexxx
ZebraConspiracy (10:24:22 PM): I recognize you from pictures that my friend "James" sent me... I don't remember you from Sinaloa though
to ninja for you (10:24:36 PM): Hmmm James sent you pictures of me?
to ninja for you (10:24:42 PM): Why did he send you pictures of me
ZebraConspiracy (10:25:05 PM): He's James... He loves to show off all the girls he knows
to ninja for you (10:25:22 PM): What is there to show off about me, I am ugly.
ZebraConspiracy (10:25:38 PM): eh... No you're not
ZebraConspiracy (10:25:47 PM): How'd you get my screen name by the way?
to ninja for you (10:25:58 PM): People.
to ninja for you (10:26:09 PM): So hmm, James, what would he have to say about me
ZebraConspiracy (10:26:47 PM): He wouldn't say anything.. He'd just make the winky face ;-) every time I asked about any girl he shows me
to ninja for you (10:27:04 PM): And what is the winky face stand for
to ninja for you (10:27:07 PM): James is a nice guy
ZebraConspiracy (10:28:22 PM): Really, how did you get my screen name?
to ninja for you (10:28:36 PM): That isnt to important
ZebraConspiracy (10:28:42 PM): Stupid James
to ninja for you (10:28:46 PM): So how is it that you dont remember me?
to ninja for you (10:28:56 PM): Nah I havent talked to James in almost a month now
to ninja for you (10:29:02 PM): I work to much
to ninja for you (10:29:06 PM): hardly ever online
ZebraConspiracy (10:29:16 PM): Knock it off Jimmy, I know it's you
to ninja for you (10:29:24 PM): This is Ashleigh silly
ZebraConspiracy (10:29:46 PM): Shut up
to ninja for you (10:29:53 PM): I would proove it to you but what do you know about me
ZebraConspiracy (10:30:36 PM): For one thing, you won't tell me how you got my screen name, and two, you seem a little TOO eager to want to talk to me
to ninja for you (10:31:10 PM): So, I can't talk to someone?
to ninja for you (10:31:15 PM): That is a bit rediculous
ZebraConspiracy (10:31:58 PM): Oh you can... But I suspect you to be James is all
to ninja for you (10:32:31 PM): Well ask me something only James would know, I would ask you to ask me something only I would know but you claim to know nothing about me
ZebraConspiracy (10:33:05 PM): Of course I know nothing about you... I never met you before.
ZebraConspiracy (10:33:15 PM): Oh wait yes I have, you're James
to ninja for you (10:33:46 PM): Hahaha funny thing is I am so not James
to ninja for you (10:34:17 PM): Look at my profile
to ninja for you (10:34:27 PM): Seem like anything James would like?
ZebraConspiracy (10:34:43 PM): James would go into extremes just to mess with people
to ninja for you (10:34:53 PM): I dont think so
ZebraConspiracy (10:35:40 PM): I seem to recall him putting your picture up in his yahoo profile just to see what'd happen in chat rooms. He says he got immediate responses from complete strangers
to ninja for you (10:35:59 PM): Are you serious?
to ninja for you (10:36:03 PM): That is a bit weird...
to ninja for you (10:36:08 PM): Wait are you serious
ZebraConspiracy (10:36:33 PM): Hmm...
to ninja for you (10:36:43 PM): Yahoo what?
to ninja for you (10:36:45 PM): which picture?
ZebraConspiracy (10:36:51 PM): Maybe I shouldn't say anything further
ZebraConspiracy (10:37:03 PM): The picture in your journal
to ninja for you (10:37:15 PM): Wow you both are a bit strange if you can't tell me why her put MY picture on something
ZebraConspiracy (10:37:41 PM): I told you... He just wants to mess with people
ZebraConspiracy (10:37:52 PM): It obviously works pretty well
to ninja for you (10:38:05 PM): Well you know this because
to ninja for you (10:38:08 PM): He told you
to ninja for you (10:38:11 PM): Or you were there
ZebraConspiracy (10:38:18 PM): He tells me
ZebraConspiracy (10:38:24 PM): We almost never hang out
ZebraConspiracy (10:38:37 PM): He just bothers me online a lot
to ninja for you (10:38:38 PM): And you didnt have half the decensy to say hey that sucks its someone else?
to ninja for you (10:38:43 PM): So let me get this.
to ninja for you (10:38:56 PM): What did he put it on, a rating community, or a chat thing?
ZebraConspiracy (10:39:04 PM): Naw, he just keeps going on... He took yours off a long time ago. He puts different ones on
ZebraConspiracy (10:39:17 PM): He just goes into Yahoo chat rooms
to ninja for you (10:39:29 PM): How do I know that this isn't what YOU do...'
to ninja for you (10:39:36 PM): Cause I have heard differently
to ninja for you (10:39:46 PM): This is why I am even IMing you
ZebraConspiracy (10:39:53 PM): Tell me more
to ninja for you (10:40:26 PM): No, I think its you. I think yer the one who went on my journal, saved all my pics on yer computer, and show James my pictures everyday.
ZebraConspiracy (10:41:26 PM): I did do that... I was only messing with him
to ninja for you (10:41:47 PM): Everyday, that is called being stalked...
to ninja for you (10:42:06 PM): A joke, messing with him, everyday, I really dont think so.
to ninja for you (10:42:19 PM): I mean it wouldnt bug me so much if you would quit lying
ZebraConspiracy (10:42:30 PM): Quit lying about what?
to ninja for you (10:43:24 PM): You like, I dont know, want me or something and yer lying and saying yer messing around, everyday isnt joking...its obsession
ZebraConspiracy (10:43:46 PM): I don't do it everyday
ZebraConspiracy (10:43:54 PM): I deleted all those pictures anyway
to ninja for you (10:43:54 PM): ..
to ninja for you (10:44:17 PM): So you think I am ugly and never wanted anything to do with me and this is a huge joke?
ZebraConspiracy (10:45:23 PM): I don't think you're ugly... And chances of me having to do anything with you is most likely impossible. And I don't know where you're going with on the "huge joke" part
to ninja for you (10:46:50 PM): That you saving all my pictures and sending them to James everyday and telling him that I am an 'emo girl' so that must mean I have an 'emo b/f' and that you could kick his ass and that you want to bang me? James is making this all up, I really doubt it. There is one thing I have come across from James and that is that he is an honest guy.
ZebraConspiracy (10:47:23 PM): He did not just say that
to ninja for you (10:47:31 PM): Say what?
to ninja for you (10:47:45 PM): He didnt tell me yer secrets?
ZebraConspiracy (10:48:23 PM): Secrets? no no no... The whole"that you could kick his ass and that you want to bang me?"
to ninja for you (10:48:49 PM): Well why would he make it up
to ninja for you (10:49:05 PM): why would he randomly IM me and say hey this guy is stalking you watch yer back?
ZebraConspiracy (10:49:06 PM): If you knew James like I know him
ZebraConspiracy (10:49:29 PM): Wait a minute... You never even knew him before he said that?
to ninja for you (10:50:04 PM): No, I knew him, we went to school together. I said why would he IM me saying that you, who I went to school with a long time ago stalked me, he wouldnt just randomly make it up
ZebraConspiracy (10:50:52 PM): Trust me or not, James is a greedy rat
to ninja for you (10:50:58 PM): So just to let you know my b/f isn't just some 'emo guy' and he could kick the fuck out of you if I chose to tell him what is going on, but I told him to lay off unless I needed him to say anything.
to ninja for you (10:51:02 PM): Greedy about what
to ninja for you (10:51:09 PM): What does greed have to do with this
ZebraConspiracy (10:51:18 PM): I never said anything about you or your boyfriend being emo
to ninja for you (10:51:24 PM): ?
to ninja for you (10:51:38 PM): James told me you call me the 'emo girl'
ZebraConspiracy (10:51:39 PM): It's just a way to describe him negatively
ZebraConspiracy (10:52:00 PM): Uh huh
to ninja for you (10:52:32 PM): So what are you trying to say, its James who is stalking me then and he just needed someone to accuse?
ZebraConspiracy (10:52:42 PM): I'm not saying anything
to ninja for you (10:52:59 PM): Well then I continue to beleive that yer stalking me
ZebraConspiracy (10:53:17 PM): Go ahead and be paranoid... No skin off my nose
to ninja for you (10:55:27 PM): Well how would you feel if you didnt know who out of 2 people were stalking you and using yer identity in chats and shit
ZebraConspiracy (10:55:53 PM): I don't know why you think I'm using "your identity" in chats
ZebraConspiracy (10:55:59 PM): But I know James did
ZebraConspiracy (10:56:05 PM): Only for a little while though
to ninja for you (10:56:39 PM): But can you honestly see how in any way that this sucks
to ninja for you (10:56:48 PM): Cause it really does
ZebraConspiracy (10:57:10 PM): Psh, how do you think I feel? I'm the one you're putting on trial here
to ninja for you (10:57:22 PM): Cause now I dont know who to beleive when in the first place I am NOT a mean person at all I am totally one of the nicest people you could ever talk to
ZebraConspiracy (10:58:17 PM): I'm not telling you to believe anyone, but believe whatever you want
ZebraConspiracy (10:58:19 PM): I don't care
to ninja for you (10:58:50 PM): But telling me to beleive whatever I want totally doesnt help, you guys are supposed to be friends and so far I have heard two completely different stories.
ZebraConspiracy (10:59:03 PM): Psh, him? My friend?
ZebraConspiracy (10:59:30 PM): He ratted me out to his mom for smoking pot, and he ratted me out for stealing liquor from a store his brother works at
to ninja for you (11:00:10 PM): Then why do you two even talk? You like causing people trouble and fucking with them? So you never liked me, or thought I was hot, or wanted to bang me, or was jealous cause James knows me and you dont?
ZebraConspiracy (11:00:11 PM): Besides, you say you know who I am, so if you ever catch me "stalking" you, you can easily I.D. me, can't you?
to ninja for you (11:00:24 PM): I know who you are
ZebraConspiracy (11:01:29 PM): James is the one that comes to me to talk. And yes I like causing people trouble and "fucking with them". And fine.. No to the rest
to ninja for you (11:02:40 PM): So, why would you like to fuck with peoples feeling like that, I mean its kinda upsetting when you dont know who is stalking you, who wants to bang you, I mean how do I know one of you isnt some psycho who will come rape me, not that it will matter my b/f would kill whoever did.
to ninja for you (11:02:47 PM): But still its a scary thought
to ninja for you (11:03:13 PM): But yer to close minded and ignorant to know how that feels cause it hasnt happened to you...
ZebraConspiracy (11:03:33 PM): Yes, I'm closed minded, now can we get along with our lives?
to ninja for you (11:03:58 PM): No because its fucking scary to not know how far someone can take this
to ninja for you (11:04:19 PM): Whatever I will just call the police of both of you then.
to ninja for you (11:04:22 PM): Bye now
ZebraConspiracy (11:04:26 PM): Buh bye
ZebraConspiracy (11:04:28 PM): Have fun with that
to ninja for you (11:04:33 PM): I will
ZebraConspiracy (11:05:34 PM): ZebraConspiracy (11:04:43 PM): Do it
to ninja for you (11:04:48 PM): I wil
ZebraConspiracy (11:04:50 PM): Ok then
to ninja for you (11:04:53 PM): ok
ZebraConspiracy (11:04:57 PM): Great!
to ninja for you (11:05:01 PM): Ok shut up now
ZebraConspiracy (11:05:09 PM): I will once you stop responding
to ninja for you (11:05:18 PM): I think you should stop...
ZebraConspiracy (11:05:26 PM): I really think you should stop too
to ninja for you (11:05:30 PM): no

The Boyfriend

affectionwhorre (11:06:42 PM): hey
ZebraConspiracy (11:06:49 PM): This is...?
affectionwhorre (11:07:27 PM): u will know is a second
affectionwhorre (11:07:43 PM): so ur stalking my gf and saying u can kick my ass and u said u want to bang her
ZebraConspiracy (11:07:59 PM): When did I say that?
affectionwhorre (11:08:22 PM): i dont knwo when but u did
affectionwhorre (11:08:23 PM): so
affectionwhorre (11:08:26 PM): im emo as well
ZebraConspiracy (11:08:29 PM): Quote me
affectionwhorre (11:08:45 PM): dude u got ur shit wrong im not emo neither is my gf
ZebraConspiracy (11:08:56 PM): However!!!!
affectionwhorre (11:09:00 PM): and whats with u like fuvking with ppl
ZebraConspiracy (11:09:03 PM): affectionwhorre (11:08:26 PM): im emo as well
ZebraConspiracy (11:09:08 PM): Explain that!
ZebraConspiracy (11:09:28 PM): And fucking with people is how I get my kicks
ZebraConspiracy (11:09:31 PM): Got that?
affectionwhorre (11:09:45 PM): i ment im not emo
ZebraConspiracy (11:09:48 PM): Don't you think that some people deserve to be messed with?
affectionwhorre (11:10:11 PM): not my fucking gf
affectionwhorre (11:10:17 PM): i fucking love her
ZebraConspiracy (11:10:19 PM): She's the one messing with me
ZebraConspiracy (11:10:23 PM): You say that now
ZebraConspiracy (11:10:25 PM): But...
ZebraConspiracy (11:10:28 PM): We'll see about that
affectionwhorre (11:10:32 PM): no she confronted you cause ur a fukcing stalker
affectionwhorre (11:10:39 PM): u have pics of her
ZebraConspiracy (11:10:39 PM): Or so she says
affectionwhorre (11:10:48 PM): or i read the conversation
affectionwhorre (11:10:49 PM): u fuck
ZebraConspiracy (11:11:02 PM): Is that all you have? "Fuck you" comments?
affectionwhorre (11:11:06 PM): i read every fuking word
ZebraConspiracy (11:11:12 PM): If that's all you have to say, then I guess we're done
affectionwhorre (11:11:18 PM): no
affectionwhorre (11:11:28 PM): im telling u stay the fuck away form her
ZebraConspiracy (11:11:48 PM): Just for saying that, I'm getting within a 10 foot radius of her
affectionwhorre (11:12:01 PM): i fuking dare you
ZebraConspiracy (11:12:13 PM): Do you... double dare me? ;-)
affectionwhorre (11:12:28 PM): u think this is a joke im fuckin serious
affectionwhorre (11:12:30 PM): i know who u are
affectionwhorre (11:12:33 PM): i know u name
affectionwhorre (11:12:41 PM): and i will have u arresed
ZebraConspiracy (11:12:45 PM): That's nice
affectionwhorre (11:12:49 PM): yeah itr is
ZebraConspiracy (11:12:58 PM): Stop on by sometime, and we can smoke some pot
affectionwhorre (11:13:08 PM): nah weed is gay
ZebraConspiracy (11:13:15 PM): You're just saying that because I do it
affectionwhorre (11:13:22 PM): u do it
affectionwhorre (11:13:29 PM): u dont do weed u smoke it dumb shit
ZebraConspiracy (11:13:53 PM): "Do" is a generalization
ZebraConspiracy (11:14:03 PM): You "DO" everything
ZebraConspiracy (11:14:13 PM): He "did" that
affectionwhorre (11:14:20 PM): no
ZebraConspiracy (11:14:26 PM): mhmm
affectionwhorre (11:14:28 PM): your a idiot
affectionwhorre (11:14:35 PM): so u still think u can kick the shit out of me
ZebraConspiracy (11:14:42 PM): I never said I could
affectionwhorre (11:14:48 PM): is that so
ZebraConspiracy (11:14:55 PM): I never said I didn't though either ;-)
affectionwhorre (11:15:00 PM): u never refered to beaing able to beta me up
ZebraConspiracy (11:15:07 PM): Quote me
affectionwhorre (11:15:10 PM): fuck you
ZebraConspiracy (11:15:22 PM): Hey, don't be saying stuff if you can't back it up
ZebraConspiracy (11:15:34 PM): I guess "fuck you" is all you have to say about that
affectionwhorre (11:15:53 PM): back up!? are you fucking threating me i would love to beat the shit out of you
ZebraConspiracy (11:16:36 PM): Back it up, meaning proof, dumb-dumb
affectionwhorre (11:16:56 PM): so did u say u cna
ZebraConspiracy (11:17:42 PM): Just for saying that, I'm saying I can deck you in the face and knock you out in one shot
ZebraConspiracy (11:17:54 PM): Happy now?
affectionwhorre (11:17:55 PM): hahaha
ZebraConspiracy (11:17:59 PM): :-)
affectionwhorre (11:18:02 PM): umm no
ZebraConspiracy (11:18:06 PM): Oh yes you are
ZebraConspiracy (11:18:09 PM): I made you laugh
affectionwhorre (11:18:47 PM): no
affectionwhorre (11:18:49 PM): ur an idiot
ZebraConspiracy (11:18:58 PM): affectionwhorre (11:17:55 PM): hahaha
ZebraConspiracy (11:19:03 PM): I so made you laugh
affectionwhorre (11:19:06 PM): nah
ZebraConspiracy (11:19:10 PM): affectionwhorre (11:17:55 PM): hahaha
affectionwhorre (11:19:16 PM): dude ur a wimp
affectionwhorre (11:19:20 PM): ive seena pic of you
affectionwhorre (11:19:26 PM): in fact i htink i have it
affectionwhorre wants to directly connect (11:19:28 PM).
ZebraConspiracy declines request; no connection was made. (Note: For best results, you and your buddy should use the latest version of AIM.) (11:19:30 PM).
ZebraConspiracy (11:19:40 PM): I believe you might want to hack in here
affectionwhorre (11:19:43 PM): so anthony
ZebraConspiracy (11:19:44 PM): Not happening
affectionwhorre (11:20:03 PM): ha
ZebraConspiracy (11:20:04 PM): Now I don't believe it's fair that you'd know my name, and I don't know yours
ZebraConspiracy (11:20:10 PM): What might it be?
affectionwhorre (11:20:10 PM): goo
affectionwhorre (11:20:19 PM): none of ur busineis
ZebraConspiracy (11:20:23 PM): Oh yes it is
ZebraConspiracy (11:20:27 PM): You know mine and I don't know yours
affectionwhorre (11:20:32 PM): but ur name is my busnuis cause u stalk my gf
ZebraConspiracy (11:20:32 PM): It's my business
affectionwhorre (11:20:39 PM): no its not anthony tran
ZebraConspiracy (11:20:48 PM): Why not?
affectionwhorre (11:21:23 PM): cause
ZebraConspiracy (11:21:26 PM): cause...
affectionwhorre (11:21:28 PM): u dont need to know it
ZebraConspiracy (11:21:31 PM): Oh yes I do
ZebraConspiracy (11:21:32 PM): Now I do
affectionwhorre (11:21:39 PM): and wehys this
affectionwhorre (11:21:43 PM): anhtony
ZebraConspiracy (11:22:01 PM): Because you know my name... How many times must I get it through your thick skull?
affectionwhorre (11:22:09 PM): and i told you
affectionwhorre (11:22:14 PM): urs is importnt to me
ZebraConspiracy (11:22:31 PM): And yours is important to me :-)
affectionwhorre (11:22:35 PM): why
ZebraConspiracy (11:22:46 PM): Because you know my name
ZebraConspiracy (11:22:55 PM): Lets see now... how many times have I said that?
affectionwhorre (11:23:07 PM): i dont care
affectionwhorre (11:23:12 PM): thats not a good reason
affectionwhorre (11:23:15 PM): k
ZebraConspiracy (11:23:23 PM): Almost 5 times
affectionwhorre (11:23:28 PM): good
ZebraConspiracy (11:23:32 PM): good!
affectionwhorre (11:23:57 PM): im sorry shes hott and u want her but it ant gonn ahppn
affectionwhorre (11:24:21 PM): and she will call the police on you for impersination, staling and sexual harresment and if not i will
affectionwhorre (11:24:24 PM): cause i knwo ur name
ZebraConspiracy (11:24:29 PM): Go for it
affectionwhorre (11:24:30 PM): and i knwo whats been said
affectionwhorre (11:24:34 PM): ok i will
affectionwhorre (11:24:39 PM): and we have prrof
affectionwhorre (11:24:45 PM): and u said u like fucking with ppl
ZebraConspiracy (11:24:53 PM): Which can mean anything
affectionwhorre (11:25:35 PM): oh it can but we hve u saying that u did imepersinate her and that u had pic of her
affectionwhorre (11:25:41 PM): so it fits and u sure are fucked
ZebraConspiracy (11:25:44 PM): Impersonate her?
ZebraConspiracy (11:25:46 PM): Quote me
affectionwhorre (11:25:56 PM): i dont need to
ZebraConspiracy (11:25:59 PM): Yes you do
affectionwhorre (11:26:02 PM): ill see ur ass in court
ZebraConspiracy (11:26:03 PM): Because you know you have nothing
ZebraConspiracy (11:26:06 PM): Alright
ZebraConspiracy (11:26:20 PM): You do that
affectionwhorre (11:26:23 PM): oh i ill
ZebraConspiracy (11:26:25 PM): Like you have a case
affectionwhorre (11:26:29 PM): i do
ZebraConspiracy (11:26:34 PM): And what is it?
affectionwhorre (11:26:40 PM): ull see
ZebraConspiracy (11:26:55 PM): You don't even know what your case is on
ZebraConspiracy (11:26:57 PM): Meaning!
ZebraConspiracy (11:26:59 PM): You have none
affectionwhorre (11:27:02 PM): oh i do
ZebraConspiracy (11:27:08 PM): What's so hard on telling me?
affectionwhorre (11:27:08 PM): its on you stalkinmg my gf
affectionwhorre (11:27:20 PM): can i ask u somthin
affectionwhorre (11:27:24 PM): do u have friends?
ZebraConspiracy (11:27:37 PM): I'll answer that once you tell me your name
ZebraConspiracy (11:27:49 PM): ;-)
affectionwhorre (11:27:52 PM): oveusly u must not
affectionwhorre (11:27:55 PM): cause its a yes or no
affectionwhorre (11:28:01 PM): isnt that kind of sad
ZebraConspiracy (11:28:28 PM): Yes, it's sad that you need to go into soooooo much just to make a "stalking" case on me
ZebraConspiracy (11:28:38 PM): Good job
ZebraConspiracy (11:28:55 PM): I don't even think it'd be worth the money you'd need to pay just for that
affectionwhorre (11:29:02 PM): well i wouldnt have to if u didnt so "sooo" much into being a stalker
ZebraConspiracy (11:29:14 PM): What did I do to stalk her?
ZebraConspiracy (11:29:23 PM): Did I go into her house and steal her panties?
ZebraConspiracy (11:29:27 PM): I don't think so
ZebraConspiracy (11:29:39 PM): Did I follow her after school
ZebraConspiracy (11:29:40 PM): NOPE!
ZebraConspiracy (11:29:44 PM): Don't recall that
ZebraConspiracy (11:29:48 PM): It's all internet
affectionwhorre (11:29:58 PM): no but uw ent on lj specifily so to find her u saved pics u talk about her 24 7
ZebraConspiracy (11:30:20 PM): Stop making up stories now
affectionwhorre (11:30:34 PM): ha
ZebraConspiracy (11:30:37 PM): How do you know I "talk about her all the time"?
affectionwhorre (11:30:49 PM): its sad when ur imbaressed of what u do isnt it
affectionwhorre (11:31:00 PM): we talked to ur firnds james
ZebraConspiracy (11:31:09 PM): James is not my friend
affectionwhorre (11:31:21 PM): k well u tralk to him and we talked to him
affectionwhorre (11:31:28 PM): and your a fuckin physco
ZebraConspiracy (11:31:36 PM): Define "physco"
ZebraConspiracy (11:31:40 PM): Never heard of it
ZebraConspiracy (11:31:46 PM): I heard of psychos though
affectionwhorre (11:31:56 PM): same thing just singuler
ZebraConspiracy (11:32:21 PM): psycho is singular for psychos, not "physco"
ZebraConspiracy (11:32:38 PM): Anywho, what makes me a "psycho"?
affectionwhorre (11:32:38 PM): oh shit!
affectionwhorre (11:32:50 PM): umm u have pics of her
affectionwhorre (11:32:53 PM): taking about her
affectionwhorre (11:32:57 PM): when u dont kwo her
affectionwhorre (11:33:00 PM): and she has a bf
ZebraConspiracy (11:33:16 PM): I'm a psycho because she has a boyfriend?
ZebraConspiracy (11:33:25 PM): What a reason
affectionwhorre (11:33:30 PM): no
affectionwhorre (11:33:34 PM): cause u ahve pics of her
ZebraConspiracy (11:33:35 PM): And you don't know if I "talk about her"
affectionwhorre (11:33:39 PM): and u go online just to look for her
affectionwhorre (11:33:43 PM): yes
affectionwhorre (11:33:47 PM): jamnes said u do all the time
ZebraConspiracy (11:33:52 PM): I stumbled on her journal
affectionwhorre (11:33:59 PM): haha
affectionwhorre (11:34:02 PM): stummled
affectionwhorre (11:34:08 PM): and u saved her pics
affectionwhorre (11:34:13 PM): kind ov creepy
ZebraConspiracy (11:34:23 PM): I know people in Simi Valley that have live journals, and are coincidentally friends with her
affectionwhorre (11:34:42 PM): and u probly askedthem what her lj was
ZebraConspiracy (11:34:54 PM): Look up livejournal, buddy
ZebraConspiracy (11:35:05 PM): They have what you'd call a "friend's list"
affectionwhorre (11:35:16 PM): and u got her pic from another website aswell
ZebraConspiracy (11:35:25 PM): What site?
affectionwhorre (11:35:29 PM): commo u know it
affectionwhorre (11:35:32 PM): dont play dumb
ZebraConspiracy (11:35:32 PM): I wasn't aware she has one
ZebraConspiracy (11:35:39 PM): I told you about livejournal
ZebraConspiracy (11:35:45 PM): I didn't know she has another site
affectionwhorre (11:35:57 PM): SO U WENT O HER WEBSITE AS WELL
ZebraConspiracy (11:36:16 PM): affectionwhorre (11:35:16 PM): and u got her pic from another website aswell
ZebraConspiracy (11:35:25
affectionwhorre (11:36:31 PM): ANOTHER WEBSITE
affectionwhorre (11:36:33 PM): I DIDNT SYA HER
ZebraConspiracy (11:36:35 PM): Another website, meaning her site
affectionwhorre (11:36:39 PM): NOPE
affectionwhorre (11:36:44 PM): HOW DID U KWO SHE HASS ONE
affectionwhorre (11:36:51 PM): LJ ISNT HER SITE AND SHES ON IT
affectionwhorre (11:36:53 PM): U IDIOT
ZebraConspiracy (11:37:01 PM): Well, it's all presumption
ZebraConspiracy (11:37:06 PM): You would do the same thing
ZebraConspiracy (11:37:09 PM): It's all fast reading
ZebraConspiracy (11:37:20 PM): And don't use caps the whole time
affectionwhorre (11:37:20 PM): ahah sure
ZebraConspiracy (11:37:23 PM): It's annoying
affectionwhorre (11:37:24 PM): ur fucked buddy
ZebraConspiracy (11:37:28 PM): Goody
affectionwhorre (11:38:35 PM): brb
ZebraConspiracy (11:38:41 PM): Alright

He never responded back
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Current Music:Aphex Twin - We Are The Music Makers
Subject:Lighten up
Time:06:31 am
Current Mood:exanimateexanimate
There's six things you don't talk about with other people.

-and Music

I guarantee, if I didn't keep my mouth shut about most of this stuff to most people I talk to, they'd be parading around town with my head on a pike.

I can go on about these subjects and I'm damn sure I'd "offend" everybody. I most likely wouldn't have many friends if I just bursted out in rants about how "blah blah blah is bad".
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Current Music:Sigur Ros - Svefn G Englar
Subject:"I Sold My Soul For Rock and Roll"
Time:11:03 pm
Current Mood:annoyedannoyed
Several bands have sold out to commercials! I'm boycotting every company that plays the song of some of the bands I listen to.

-Dick Dale COMPLETELY sold out to Nissan, playing "Miserlou".
-Modest Mouse has "Gravity Rides Everything" on a soccer mom van for Nissan.
-AIR has "Surfin' On a Rocket" for an off-road Nissan car.
-Chemical Brothers has "Where Do I Begin" on AT&T
-Dandy Warhol has "Bohemian Like You" for a GM ad
-Massive Attack had "Future Proof" play for a Schmirnoff commercial
-Iggy Pop's "Lust For Life" all over that Caribbean cruise crap
-And probobly worst of all is of that ad with a young Jimi Hendrix that Pepsi exploited!
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Current Music:Dresden Dolls - Coin Operated Boy
Subject:Rhetorical Questions
Time:08:13 am
Current Mood:pensivepensive
Has it ever occurred to you that you just might be an idiot? If not, what characterizes your "intellect"?

Why do you dress the way you do?

How can you lead the life your leading, now?

What is it that makes the music you listen to good?

Are you really the defined, original hap-cat that you make yourself out to be? If so, what makes you such a distinguished individual?

If "being yourself" is the cool thing to do, why aren't most people cool?

Why do you act the way you do?

Do you get high from suppressing other people below you?

Does accomplishing A's in school really make you better than other people?

What makes the things that make you laugh, funny?

How can you expect other people to know things you know if you won't tell them?
(ex. "How do you hack into computers?" "KEKEKEKEKEKE STFU N3WB!!1 one")

What isn't a waste of money/time/space etc...?

Why bother arguing if you can't up hold your views with facts and/or examples?

How can you do things without reason?

If everything is planned, then why does "god" test us?

Have you ever considered someone else's point of view on things?

Do you believe everything you read/see/hear?

Have you regretted things that you haven't done?

Are you afraid to just go along with what you truly believe?

Do you really want to live a long life?

Why should you stick with tradition?

What makes the movies you watch good?

Why do the things that annoy you, annoy you?

Ever wonder exactly what's going on outside your own area?

Are you wasting your life? If you are, why don't you do something about it?
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Subject:Hang on to your ego...
Time:07:42 pm
Current Mood:draineddrained
Decided to ditch my old journal site for now.

Melo is just disastrous and havoc. The site is slow beyond belief, and the server has been down more times than anyone could count. Although, melo is a hell of a lot cooler than live journal, and lj is just far too trendy.
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